The Oral-Motor Exercise System That Works Originally designed and used for treatment of patients with severe facial burns, Facial-Flex is now used extensively as a dynamic resistance device for strengthening the oral-motor and neck musculature. Applications include increasing oral facial motor strength, range of motion, voluntary control, timing and coordination for such impairments as dysarthria, […]

Proper Dental Care

Having a family is a big responsibility. Parents must know how to take care of their children and their health. One of the important things that they need to remember is that they want to get their children looked at for their teeth at an early age. When they do this, their children will have a great way of taking care of their oral health so that their teeth and gums stay well for a long time to come.

One way to do this is by all going to the same family dentist.

Treating Speech Disorders

In the United States, 14 million people have voice, speech or language problems. Each year, one million individuals in the U.S. experience a neurogenic impairment of speech (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorder, 1995). Annually, $30 billion is spent on speech language pathology disorders (1995 NIH statistics).”Any number of diseases and disorders can affect facial muscle […]